BitLife 3.5 Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship Unlimited Money

BitLife 3.5 Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship Unlimited Money

4.2 (742812)Simulation

App Information of BitLife - Life Simulator

App Name BitLife - Life Simulator v3.5
Genre Simulation
Latest Version3.5
Get it On Google Play
Update30 September, 2022
Package Namecom.candywriter.bitlife
Rating 4.2 ( 742812 )

Description of BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife 3.5 Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship Unlimited Money – Android latest version Simulation game free Download.

BitLife Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship Unlimited Money

With the new BitLife Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship Unlimited Money update, you can now dominate the game and become the ultimate power player! This new update allows players to earn unlimited money, build an impenetrable empire, and control every aspect of their game experience with ease. Get ready to take your BitLife skills to the next level!

BitLife Mod APK – What is it?

BitLife Mod APK is a new game that allows you to live in a simulated world where you can create your own rules. The game is still in development, but it offers a lot of features that make it worth downloading. In addition, the game has two modes: god mode and citizenship unlimited money.

In god mode, you can do whatever you want without any restrictions. This allows you to be as powerful as you want to be and rule your world however you see fit. In addition, citizenship unlimited money grants you unlimited resources and power. This means that you can create the most powerful civilization possible. If you’re looking for a new immersive experience that lets you be in control of everything, then BitLife Mod APK is worth downloading!

BitLife Mod APK God Mode – How to get it?

If you’re looking for a way to get the BitLife Mod APK God Mode, you’re in luck. This powerful cheat mode is available as a free download from the app’s official website. To get started, first make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your phone. Once you do, open it up and click on the “Cheats” button located in the bottom left corner. From here, you’ll need to enter in the following code: “godmode” Once you’ve done that, hit the “OK” button and you’re all set. You can now start playing the game as if it were normal, but don’t forget to use this cheat mode when you face difficult challenges or enemies. If you want to increase your chances of winning, make sure to use the cheats while playing multiplayer games with friends. Thanks for reading!

How will you live your BitLife?

In BitLife you will only have to worry about the things that are important to you and your loved ones. With BitLife Mod APK God Mode, you can live a life of luxury and never have to work again. And with Bitizenship Unlimited Money, you can live the life of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Download BitLife Mod APK God Mode and Bitizenship Unlimited Money today!


BitLife is a new and innovative Minecraft mod that introduces new features and mechanics that make the game more exciting and fun. One of the most interesting features of BitLife is the ability to earn citizenship and gain god mode abilities by completing various tasks. In addition to this, BitLife also allows players to unlimited money by purchasing in-game items with real world currency.

Overall, BitLife is an incredibly innovative and fun mod that offers something unique and exciting for players of Minecraft. If you’re looking for a mod that will add more excitement and challenge to your game then look no further than BitLife!

BitLife Mod APK Bitizenship Unlimited Money – How to get it?

If you’re looking for a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, then you should definitely check out BitLife Mod. This modpack offers an incredible amount of customization options, as well as the ability to earn unlimited money. In this article, we’ll be detailing how to get started with this modpack and how to achieve full citizenship status. First, we’ll outline the steps necessary to download and install BitLife Mod. Next, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the game. Finally, we’ll discuss ways to maximize your earnings in this modpack. So be sure to read through this article carefully before getting started!


In BitLife, you are a citizen of the world, and your goal is to survive and thrive in this post-apocalyptic world. You start the game with nothing, but you can build anything you want using the resources available in the game. You must find food, water, and shelter to stay alive, and you must protect yourself from other players who may want to take advantage of your resources or kill you for your possessions. The game features a variety of different challenges that will test your skills as a player, and there is always something new to find in BitLife. If you are looking for a challenging game that will keep you occupied for hours on end, look no further than BitLife.

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Bitizens! This new version fixes a number of bugs and updates some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps the game running. Sending love from BitLife HQ…

Now, Download this new version game BitLife – Life Simulator 3.5 Apk Mod for free from below given links and enjoy.

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